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Pedagogical and educational objectives

Our educational project is focused on the development of the child as a person.



We focus our efforts on developing the qualities that will enable the child to exploit his full academic potential, and that will also help him in other areas of his life in school and of course, in the family and elsewhere.


We believe that TIAMA must contribute to the efforts of parents so that each child will grow as they grow up.


This vision is based on 3 key Elements:


  1. Comprehensive Education: an unwavering commitment to achieving personal, academic, scientific, cultural and athletic excellence.

  2. Living Christian values: TIAMA offers a values ​​education program in harmony with a Christian vision of the life to which the child is called.

  3. Partnership with parents: to succeed in the education of children, we encourage and concretely propose exchanges and meetings aimed at a partnership between parents and teachers.

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