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Our team

Tiama offers a solid training, whose aim is not only the acquisition of knowledge, but, above all, the training of honest people capable of contributing to the sustainable development of society.
Continuous training of staff
  • Chosen on the basis of competence and human qualities, it identifies with the educational project and the awareness of being a model. Educational methods converging towards excellence.
Effective trilingualism
  • French, English, Spanish .
Head teacher
  • Thérèse Virginie NGO PONDI

Assistant manager
  • Magdalene MWIGIO


    • Pre- nursery: Charleine ABEGA, Momou AWAWOU, Sandy MINKOULOU, Christabel WANDUM

    • Nursery 1: Josiane TCHAHGA, Stella JIOKENG

    • Nursery 2: Charlotte KPUYUF, Liliane NYEBE

  • Stéphanie JIAMO


    • Class 1: Josiane AKAMBA

    • Class 2 : Alice MBEL

    • Class 3: Fabiolla KONGSO 

    • Class 4: Bernadette KOUEBOU 

    • Class 5: Helen NJOMBU  

    • Class 6: Miryame EFFA

    • Maths/LCN/Sport: Elisabeth Mbala

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